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[CBRE Korea] 채용공고

관리자 | 2018.05.08 09:03 | 조회 2016




Provide research and analysis support of commercial real estate markets. The role will encompass

certain regular tasks around the collection and analysis of core data, as well as a range of activities

that contribute to and support the team’s production and delivery of research material.



- To collect and collate property data for updating the Company’s database on a regular basis as instructed by the Head of Research, CBRE Korea Research.
- To assist in the production of local & regional regular in-house publications, ad hoc research assignments including one-off memoranda and marketing briefs for corporate clients.
- To assist in making slide show presentations and conducting market surveys. This includes

the collection and analysis of field research data, building of databases and statistical models and

the production of such survey reports.
- To assist in translating research reports and publications and in coordinating translation work

for other departments when required.
- To assist in other research activities as instructed by the Head of Research, CBRE Korea Research.
- Responds to ad hoc internal and external client requests for data, graphs, commentary, etc.
- Attends ad hoc & regular conference calls as a sector specialist
- Other duties may be assigned.



- BA Degree and above *Preferred major: Business Administration, Urban Planning, Real Estate, Statistics, Economics
- 1~3 years of related experience (sawon~daeri level)
- Native speaker in both spoken and written English and Korean.
- Presentation skills in both English and Korean.
- Excellent written and verbal communication skills, with good ability to articulate research findings, analyse and present recommendations in a professional and proficient manner.
- Ability to comprehend, analyze, and interpret documents. Ability to solve problems involving

 several options in situations.
- Positive work attitude and ability to work in a team environment.
- Proficiency in Microsoft Office applications, particularly in Excel and PowerPoint.



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