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2013학년도 외국인 교원 특별 채용 공고 (마감)

관리자 | 2013.05.30 13:53 | 조회 4387

Faculty Position Open Annoucement


Job Title: Professor in <<Department of Urban Planning. Management and Transportation Planning, Graduate School of Urban Studies>>



Institution: Hanyang University (HYU)



Location: Seoul, Korea



Type: Full-time (Non Tenure-Track)



Position Available: Sept. 1st, 2013


*. The job rank (e.g. Assistant, Associate, or Full Professor) will be determined by the applicants educational and research experience


Job Description:


Responsibilities include instruction, advising, curriculum development, participation in department committees, and involvement with the industry. Candidates must be able to teach in one or more of the following core areas: <<Urban Planning, Urban Development, Urban Regeneration>>. Candidates must also be able to demonstrate ability to publish in leading journals, have external involvement with business/industry/government and be able to provide evidence of effective teaching.

Professors are required to teach 15 credit in a years; 7.5 credits per week per semester.

For example, 9 credits for spring semester and 6 credits for fall semester.




Applicants should have an earned Ph.D. degree or Master degree with more than five years professional experiences in << Urban Planning, Urban Development or related area>> and demonstrated potential for teaching in English. Applicants should also be ready and willing to participate in efforts to promote the development of research in the area of mechanical engineering



Information Required:


For recordkeeping purposes, the University requires Date of Birth, and exact dates for all educational and working experiences. As experience is weighted differently depending on capacity, please provide a detailed description of your responsibilities so that the University can accurately reflect your experiences when calculating job rank.


Please send following documents via email.

- The candidates CV

- List of past publications

- Statement of teaching and research interests

- Two letters of recommendation.

Those documents files should be sent directly to Prof. Chang Gyu Choi at




Salary/benefits will be determined according to the job rank. The annual salaries for tenure-track faculty are as follows: Assistant Professor from US$55,000 to US$62,500; Associate Professor from US$65,000 to US$75,000; and Full Professor from US$77,000 to US$105,500.

Faculty will be signed up for National Medical Insurance and Teachers Pension Fund which are both mandatory in Korea. Note that National Medical Insurance will apply at the same time the contract starts; faculty are advised to obtain insurance that covers the period between entry to Korea up until the beginning of the contract.

Job Rank is determined both by position available and by candidates qualifications. The university uses its own formula for calculating job rank. Depending on the position, a residence or housing subsidy may be provided for up to 3 years (depending on the length of the contract) for foreign nationals. Residence, however, will only be provided for foreign faculty with no housing in Korea and its size and location will vary depending on availability.


1. The rank and salary will be determined based on the HYU personnel regulations.

2. Salary for the Tenure-Track employment is 100% to the university salary regulations.


- Salary for the Non Tenure-Track employment is 80% to the university salary regulations for major teaching faculty members (Level B; contract length: two years)


1. The dollar exchange rate used for this scale is US$1 = 1,100 Korean won, and is subject to change as the exchange rate changes. In other words, the above salary is not protected and no adjustments will be made due to changes in exchange rate.


More Information:

Mailing Address:

<<Associate Professor Chang Gyu Choi, Ph.D>>

<<Graduate School of Urban Studies>>



Phone: (82) (2) <<2220-0277>>

Fax: (82) (2) <<2220-1214>>

Email Address: << >>



Application Form:

Closing Date for Applications: <<1st,June,2013>>

Review of applications will start on <<3rd,June,2013>>

Open Lecture for Selected Applicants <<11st, June, 2013>>


More information on Hanyang University available at:



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